Wednesday, 23 September 2009

School magazine

I am Laura Dinning and I am studying Media Studies at Heworth Grange. For my first AS project I was instructed to design a front cover and contents page for a school magazine
We though of the name 'Heworth Herald'. This was a good selection because herald means to give news or to announce something. Also the alliterarion makes this effective.
The model on the front cover is a student from Heworth Grange. She is an attractive young girl who is in the middle of the schools age range 12-18. I have used a medium shot. This will target both younger and older audiences throughout the school. I decided to photograph her in Uniform but make it look quite casual. I added a tie to the uniform because I thought this makes her look clever. Also I drew a A* on her folder by using photoshop.
As you can see my chosen colour scheme is black, yellow, blue and grey. These work well because they are popular conventions of our school colours.
On the front cover I have added a hook so readers will buy. If they see there is a free gift students will be queing up to buy this.

This is my contents page. The colours are the same as on my contents page. The background is just plain white. The layout and colour scheme of this is very simple and this makes it very effective. I have placed a date below the title this makes it appear real. As magazines would originally have this on. The three pictures on the side are all placed diagonal like there on a notice board. I have also placed the drop shadow on all them. All the headings on my contents page are about the main storysquite a few of them are on my front page.