Wednesday, 11 November 2009


This is your chance to get in all access of the up and coming band Kiss. The brand spanking new band kiss reveal all in this exclusive interview. Band members Alex, 19 and Lisha 20 expose what Kiss are all about.

How are you enjoying fame?

Alex: I’m loving it. It’s brilliant, a dream come true.
Lisha: Well you know. It is great but it’s not so great when the paparazzi catch you at your worst with no make-up on.
A: Yeah I know what you mean. I feel like you have to look your best at all times it’s kind of like a completion of which band is the glamorous,

Beat agrees you girls are definitely the hottest! Are you on the market or not?

L: No way! I’ve been in a serious relationship for two years now. That’s how it will stay.
A: Well, I am sort of single. It’s on and of if you no what I mean. You never no what’s ahead though. But I will definitely not let any guy get in the way of my music career.

What are these guys like?

A: Tall, dark and handsome that’s all I’m saying!
L: Yeah right Alex. Well Marks a rugby player. He works out every day. And I no we will definitely stay together.

Beat can’t wait to get a glimpse of these guys. We want to how kiss formed?

L: Well I’ve always been into singing and dancing and Alex has to. We’ve new each other since we were very young. When we were fifteen we formed a band and called it Kiss. And then when we were seventeen we audition for the X-factor and didn’t make it. But we got spotted from there and Z-records offered us a deal and here we are now.
A: That’s how it was. We are so lucky to be given that second chance.

Why are you called Kiss?

L: It sounds fun and we’ve called ourselves this since we were young. Also it’s not a typical girl band name. Like most girl bands these days have the reference to girl in it Girls Aloud Sugababes.

Who would you compare your self’s to in the music industry?

A: Maybe like a littler version of The Saturdays or Girls Aloud. I mean they are all very talented. And all that but we came together to be something different not a replicate.
L: Yeah I agree. I quite like The Pussy Cat Dolls style. I mean they mix there style. That’s what we are trying to do.
What’s your style of music?

A: It’s definitely a mix between Pop and R&B.
L: If you look at the lyrics in our song you couldn’t really say. Its not until we start singing then it all comes together.

I’ve heard you’re going to be supporting The Saturdays on their next tour. Is that true?

L: Yeah it’s true. They’re amazing and we totally respect them. We look up to them. Even though they’ve only been around about a year the public love them. They said they would support us all the way.

When is your debut single ‘Lets Dance’ out?

We’re busy shooting the video for it now. The official release date is 1st December.
L: We’ve got a big line up coming up. Lots of clubs want us to perform. But we said we would wait till out second single is out.

What about the album?

L: Just after our debut single. It’s called HeartBeats it’s quite extravagant if you ask me.
A: Our first album! Can you believe it? Beat readers you better buy it!

How you finding the video shooting?

A: It’s very hard but it’s all worth it. The days are long sometimes we start at like nine in the morning and don’t finish till like midnight.
Yeah. You’ve just got to make sure you eat the right food to give you enough energy to keep you going.

You girls always look so toned. What are your secrets?

L: That would be telling! If I told you I will have to kill you mind.
A: I’m at the gym three times a week. Lisha and I live together and in our apartment we have a mini gym so were always on that too.
L: I’ve never worked out so much in my life. You have to watch what you’re eating to. I don’t cut out all fast food. I enjoy a take away every Sunday like everyone else.

How long have you lived together for?

A: Since we were sixteen!
L: We first got a flat together when we left school it wasn’t anything flash but we loved being able to have our own space to practise our music.

Finally, I wish you every success with your new single.

This is my interview is is about as new up and coming girl band. Who give their first interview to Beat magazine. Also it is exclusive to beat readers so it will be read no where esle!


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