Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Contents page

This was my first attempt for my contents page I decided against using this because the title at the top doesn't stand out enough. The white writing with the shadow around is bairley readable.

This is another copy of my contents page. I decided on the colour scheme to be yellow, black and red because they stand out. Especially the yellow. This draws the readers attention. So they will stop at this page. I decided to put a black strip at the top of the page this makes the title stand out. This in particular draws the readers attention. Also the subscribe at the bottem I decided to add more text just to take the unused space up. This also benifits the reader because it gives them more information. Just the main stories are advertised on my contents page. As this is a popular conventions of magazines. I have also stated which articles ect which are 'on the cover'.

This was my final draft of my contents page. I realised I had to change the story under exclusive because it did not go with my interview about the band. Also I added an advertisment for Kiss the new single and information about that as it is a music magazine. This gives the reader information and dates etc.

This is my final version of my conetnts page. I changed the little picture of the front cover at the bottem because I decided to chnage the design etc... for my front cover. I also decided to add more storys so it looked more proffesional.

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